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Aquatic Therapy Pools

Galaxy Aquatics Hot And Cold Plunges

Galaxy Aquatics provides the highest quality plunge pools in the market and that is why many of our competitors come to us for their plunge pools. Like all of our pools the Galaxy Aquatics Plunge Pools are a category leader in the therapy pool industry, providing the most advanced hydrotherapy treatment available and the most durable construction. Our Plunge Pool line is designed specifically for athletic facilities, fitness centers, training rooms and locker rooms.

The Galaxy Aquatics Plunge Pools include both Hot and Cold Plunge units. These amazing Plunge Pools are designed for durability and provide the best insulation of any pool on the market. Proper insulation allows you to maintain the required temperature using less power, reducing your overall operating costs. Each plunge pool includes circumferential benches throughout and a set of stairs with a handrail for safely entering and exiting the pool.

Our custom tile choices offer color and design capabilities from the most simple to the most intricate. Your unique choices allow you to create the perfect show- place! Tile logo graphics are a popular design option among professional or college athletic facilities.

The Hot Plunge Pool is fully adjustable with temperatures that reach a steaming 104 degrees to treat muscle injuries or induce whole body relaxation. Our Hot Plunge also includes multiple hydrotherapy jets and comes with a massage wand for therapeutic massage or to treat specific muscle groups. All Hot Plunge Pools include a commercial heater and an advanced commercial filter system.

The Cold Plunge Pool is fully adjustable with temperatures that cool to 50 degrees for treatment of acute injuries or for cool down after strenuous training.

Galaxy Aquatics experience with designing and installing spas for the industry leaders makes them the best candidate to provide your next plunge pool. Experience has shown that it is usually better to place the Hot and Cold Plunge Pools side-by-side or in close proximity to each other. This layout is particularly effective for hot and cold contrast therapy.

Galaxy Aquatics offers three standard plunge pool sizes that are pre-plumbed at the factory for easy installation:

  • Small (7.5 ft. x 7.5 ft. x 4 ft.)
  • Medium (8 ft. x 8 ft. x 4 ft.)
  • Large (8 ft. x 14 ft. x 4 ft.).

Galaxy Aquatics has designed custom spas and plunges for years. We can modify any of our standard Plunge Pools to fit your needs or your facility requirements.

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