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Laminar Flow Propulsion

Galaxy Aquatics, the top quality pool manufacturer has partnered with the most prestigious company in the water movement industry – Riverflow. At the heart of this partnership is our proprietary TheraFlow and ProFlow propulsion systems. For over 15 years Riverflow has built precision propulsion systems that provide the highest quality of laminar flow available on the market today. The combination of our high quality, low maintenance Galaxy pool and our multi-level propulsion system simply establishes once again as the leader in the aquatic therapy industry. You may have used a Riverflow lazy river system on your last vacation or you may have one of their propulsion systems at your local rehab center. Galaxy Aquatics TheraFlow and ProFlow Propulsion Systems are some of the most versatile propulsion systems available on the market today. Unlike the jetted and paddlewheel systems used by other therapy pool manufacturers, our propulsion systems offer optional multi-level technology that can generate flow from the top of the water to the bottom allowing treatment of the entire body. With our convenient hand held remote control the Galaxy Aquatics laminar flow systems offer more flexibility for current resistance to treat your patient population.

All Galaxy Aquatics Therapy Pools come standard with the TheraFlow Propulsion System and can be customized with any number of workstations. Refer to the Galaxy Aquatics workstation brochure for additional features to customize a pool for your patient population.

Riverflow System

The Riverflow system is composed of six elements.

The Riverflow™ Pump is an ultra high volume, axial flow, propeller pump. All wetted components are chlorine impervious. The external components are corrosion proof aluminum alloy, thermoplastic and stainless steel to insure long life in any environment. The Riverflow pump is silent, energy efficient and includes a 5 year warranty.

The High Efficiency Motor is three phase 230 volts, designed for continuous industrial operation. Our motors are totally enclosed and fan cooled. The copper windings are IRISTM insulated for variable frequency operation. The motor is weatherproof and will deliver many years of flawless performance.

The Variable Frequency Drive is the brain of the system which allows the user full adjustability of the swim current generated by the pump. Our “VFD” is working behind the scenes to provide system protection and control. This feature rich unit provides full time ground fault protection (GFCI), a Line Reactor, for input voltage anomalies, an internal cooling fan and an array of sophisticated power transmission and diagnostic components. The VFD converts single phase residential power to three phase industrial power.

The Remote Controls by Riverflow offer infinite current speed adjustment for the swimmer and are available in wired and wireless models.

The Current Supply Boxes and Grates are NSF tested and certified for structural and hydraulic safety. These attractive grates are mounted flush in a vertical wall with no intrusion into the swimming pool. These fiber reinforced “sump” boxes are bonded to PVC pipe couplings for ease of installation.

The Trueflow return assembly is computer designed to provide optimum flow from the pump. This component delivers the current into the pool with flow characteristics best suited for counter- current swimming and aquatic exercise. The Trueflow assembly also mounts flush with the pool wall without intrusion into the swimming pool.

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