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Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories will I need prior to opening my pool?

You will receive a chemical test kit with your pool. You will need a pool vacuum Continue reading

Should I have my Architect or Contractor meet with my pool supplier?

Absolutely! You should put your Galaxy Representative in touch with your architect and/or contractor as soon as possible. Continue reading

How often do I need to drain my pool and clean it?

This is determined by your patient population and shower policies. If your patients or athletes are required to shower prior to entering Continue reading

Where will my staff therapists be trained?

Your staff will receive a full day of training at your site from a member of the Galaxy Aquatics Educational Team. Continue reading

What kind of Chemical Control System should I use in my pool?

No automated chemical system is required and some customers still perform these tasks manually. There are a number of chemical management systems available on the market today that do make it easier on you and your staff. Continue reading

Should I send my staff to training prior to getting our pool?

The more training the better! It is always good to get as much training as possible prior to receiving your aquatic therapy pool, but education should be an ongoing effort. Continue reading

Can I do Strength & Conditioning Training in a Galaxy Aquatics Pool?

Yes, Our propulsion systems employ variable speed technology that provides 60 or more progressions for aquatic training. Continue reading

Can I use my Galaxy Aquatics Pool as a Therapy Spa?

Yes. Galaxy Aquatics can equip your pool with therapy jets that will provide you with a warm, relaxing, aerated, hydrotherapy massage. Continue reading

How long will it take to empty, clean and refill my pool?

This is determined by the size of the drain and fill lines that are planned Continue reading

When should I start planning for my Aquatic needs?

Your aquatic therapy pool should be one of the first considerations when planning Continue reading

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