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Educational Programs

Galaxy Aquatics Educational Programs

All Galaxy Aquatic Therapy Pools come complete with a full day training seminar for your staff provided by a medical or athletic training professional. Complete training is also included for your maintenance and engineering staff at pool start-up.

Galaxy Aquatics also offers a comprehensive package of educational courses for your aquatic therapy professionals. These
courses are offered on site and at regional locations around the country throughout the year. Whether you will be using your aquatic therapy pool for fitness and exercise, therapeutic aquatic treatments, athletic training of high performance athletes or physical therapy there is a program designed for you. There is an additional cost associated with these training courses.

Intro to Aquatic Therapy (Beginner Level) – 1 Day Course

This course will educate the aquatic novice on the properties of water and their physiological benefits, patient diagnosis appropriateness for aquatics, rehab exercise programs with progression techniques, contraindications, and lab work.

Aquatic Therapy for the Upper Extremity (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – 1 Day Course

This course will be for those who have a good understanding of aquatics. We will use the properties of water for program progression for the neck and shoulder (surgical and non-surgical) as well as postural issues. Several protocols will be addressed including water to land progression. Lab work included.

Aquatic Therapy for the Spine (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – 1 Day Course

This course is dedicated primarily to the lower back since it is a significant pain complaint with a majority of the population. We will also touch on upper back/postural indications. Surgical and non-surgical rehab program progressions will be reviewed with land progression. A cardiovascular component for core strength and endurance will be included as well. Lab work included.

Aquatic Therapy for the Lower Extremity (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – 1 Day Course

This course addresses the hip, knee and ankle for both surgical and non-surgical diagnoses. Non-weight bearing to weight bearing progression programs will be addressed. Several protocols for the 3 zones will be discussed. Proper gait training sequences, closed chain advancement and progression to land is included. Lab work included.

Aquatic Athletic Training w/ Cardiovascular Endurance (Advanced Level) – 1 Day Course

This course is for those who work with any type of athlete. Sports specific skill progression, plyometric work and high level cardiovascular work is addressed. Participants will also be taught how to perform cardiovascular training utilizing heart rate monitors. Lab work included.


It is the goal of Galaxy Aquatics to ensure that every Galaxy pool installed in a commercial facility creates additional revenue and allows the owners to provide the best in aquatic therapy. To assist our clients in achieving these goals we have solicited the support of the most prestigious organization in aquatic consulting, Synergy Solutions. Aquatic education is an ongoing effort and our experience has shown that those clients that are dedicated to outcome based protocols are the most successful in the industry. Synergy Solutions, the developers of Phased Progression offer training in every facet of aquatic therapy. We recommend that you contact Synergy Solutions to determine how they can assist you with the development of a dynamic aquatic program for your facility and the costs involved.

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